Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Power + Waterproof = Comfort

Have found that when using either the tyre compressor or tent inflater in the BMW auxiliary power socket that, the canbus shuts off power. So, I have made up another aux power socket assembly and wired, via an in-line mini blade fuse, direct to battery. The mounting was fabricated from a piece of scrap aluminium plate, painted black and fixed with a couple of screws on the convenient spare frame bracket. See picture for location, just behind my calf. I will waterproof connections, when I've decided the best way (silicon, self amalgamating tape or rubber gaiter?).

I have also refined my footwear for this year. I prefer to use hiking boots, rather than motorbike boots, better dual purpose and more comfortable. My old leather hiking boots where OK but, heavy and hot in Southern Europe temperatures. So on the basis that it's our 24th Wedding Anniversary next week, I bought myself a present. A pair of light weight Solomon Gortex boots with yellow bits to match 'Mileeta' (I know...tart!). Together with my Sealskin waterproof socks, should be breathable, dry and comfy. See picture.


  1. Have found your blog, will follow with interest John C

  2. Welcome aboard, enjoy the ride and have a great road trip yourself in France.

  3. Update: I went with the self amalgamating tape. Available at any good electrical wholesalers, creates a good seal and can be easly cut off and replaced if necessary.