Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Dates confirmed

I have obtained approval for three weeks annual leave from my work. Yesss! I have also booked Eurotunnel outbound and inbound crossings. As usual, I exchanged Tesco clubcard rewards for vouchers. Not such a good rate of exchange as previous years, £10 of rewards for £30 (£40 previous) of travel voucher but, who's complaining when effectively my £65 crossing expense is for nothing! It makes the weekly shop and lugging of grocery bags worthwhile. Admittedly, the ferry provides more of a sense of occasion, especially with the disappearing vista of the famous white cliffs of Dover etc. The Chunnel is quick, with no hanging around and no having to strap the bike down on a diesel strewn deck, wedged between exhaust generating lorry's and cars. Then there is the treat of carrying your kit up the narrow steep stairs to the passenger deck. I've done the ferry and will get that experience between Italy and Greece where, hanging around at a port is likely to be in a more amenable climate. Saturday 21st May 05:10hrs crossing with Gary, Marcus and John (and whoever else decides to join the Rebels trip to Europe). Returning on Friday 10th June 12:20hrs.


  1. Hi Jon,
    you still going through Italy?
    If yes, what day are you planning to be there...
    And most important... Are you sure you want to be on the same ferry with me!?...

  2. Hi Sergio,
    Yep still planning on going through Italy, down the East coast; Venice; Ancona; Bari then ferry at Brindisi to Greece.

    I'll be riding to Austria 3days [Sat 21, sun 22, Mon 23] with mates. Then head down through Italy on Tue 24th May for 3-4 days. You still up for meeting up? Where would suit you?

  3. Yes, still up so far.
    Meeting in Bari/Brindisi sounds good to me.
    Let's stay in touch.