Sunday, 20 March 2011

The weather is improving

Great weather this weekend. After a day of gardening on Saturday, had a treat on Sunday.Took the bike out for a shake down with luggage. Rode a 120 mile circuit through West Sussex. Took the netbook and used the McDonalds free WiFi at Chichester to test out the locator map at the bottom of my blog. It's meant to show where I am. Apparently it thinks that Chichester Mc Donalds is in Colchester? Don't know why that should be. Maybe that's where their WiFi server is? Oh well, test proved it's not accurate but, might still work if I use at a local, rather than national, WiFi. Mileeta had a wash when we got back, first one this year (she is a dirt bike after all). I also bought a replacement front mud guard extender (which fell off on the way to the MCN Bike Show at Excel, will bolt on this time rather than no-nails), a small compressor for tyre inflation to carry on bike and a 22mm tool to remove front wheel. All bought on-line at Nippy Normans.

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