Thursday, 2 June 2011

Day 13 - Igoumenitsa via the excellent E952

We left the campsite just as three coaches of school children arrived, a lucky escape. Sergio was nominated as navigator today using Google Maps app on his iPhone. Reading the signs is all greek to me. He planned the route when we had internet connection and the GPS function showed our location against planned route. He would periodically check after junctions. We had to back track a few times but that was no problem because the route through the mountains was excellent for the rugged BMW's.

We mainly rode the E952 then joined the E55. We stopped for a breakfast ice cream in the village piazza of Makrakomi (which was the only meal we had until the evening (proper Kebab). I used all my 8GB memory on filming the drama of the ride.

Our ferry to Brindisi wasn't leaving until midnight/01:00hrs (or whenever) so we took to the green (sandy beige) lanes again in search of a beach. We settled on the beach at Mytikas. The sand was the size of risotto rice, which was pleasant to walk on and easy to brush off.

We had the beach to ourselves, who needs the caribean when this is just a ride away. The sea was a little rougher but than we'd been used to but, warm and just as refreshing after 250 miles and 6 hours of energy sapping technical riding. I'd recommend the E952 but not for fragile sports bikes or those that are spooked by lots (I repeat lots!) of 180 degree hairpin bends, landslide rocks, goats, uneven or no tarmac in places. The views are uninterrupted and stunning. Lake Techniti Limni is aqua marine blue and the surrounding forests a lush green.

The only jinx for Day 13 was an unexpected rain shower on the last 2 miles in to Igoumenitsa. I forgotten what rain was. It was heavy but brief. We bought our ferry tickets, had Kebab and went to find an internet cafe. Will be back in Italy tomorrow.

Superb pictures again credit to Sergio.


  1. Hi Jon, I just wish I could be riding with you. I MUST do the E952 before I die!

  2. Yes, best to be alive when doing it. It certainly makes you feel alive but, could end up being your last if not careful.