Thursday, 9 June 2011

Day 19 - Houlgate, Normandy

I had a lay-in this morning after the marathon ride yesterday. Left the Loire at midday and rode 220 uneventful miles to Houlgate, Normandy. Met up with a fellow Mid Life Rebel, Philip my brother-in-law, his wife Julia and his family at 'Camping de la Vallee'. It was also his daughter Maddy's birthday today, so stopped on route to buy a couple of presents for her and her sister.

Spent another pleasant evening with them. Spag bol for tea and strawberry flan with candles. Then because I didn't want to risk getting camping gear wet, I went and found an F1 Motel at Caen for my last night. I arrived just after 22:00hrs so got a twin room, with free WiFi and secure parking via the ATM type machine for 33 Euro. I've got a midday return crossing on the Euro tunnel tomorrow, so 3hrs to ride to Calais tomorrow morning.

Reflecting on my trip it's been brilliant, lots of great memories, enough photos and movie clips to bore the pants off friends and family and sad that it's coming to an end. Still, one more day to go before, as they say, the fat lady sings.

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