Saturday, 4 June 2011

Day 15 - Etna

Diego's place, where I'm staying is at Santa Venera. Home made breakfast of coffee, fresh bread and orange and clove marmalade. Shorts, 'T' shirt and flip flops on. We decided to take a little narrow gauge train that circumnavigates mount Etna to Randazzo. What Sergio hadn't told me was to get to the nearest station we'd have to walk on the train track to get there! Perhaps flip flops not the right footwear.

On the way back the train missed our stop. No problemo. The driver stopped the train, went to the cab at the other end of the train and reversed the train back up the track to drop us off at the station, before continuing on it's way back down. We walked after the train, again on the tracks when a saw something wriggling by the rail. It was a freshly decapitated snake. Perhaps flip flops not the right footwear!

Mileeta had been parked keeping the donkeys company. A ride to the clandestine farmers market being held in an orchard of (permisson?) trees took her over the 4,000 miles so far.

There was also a Celtic folk group performing. New foods to try including berries from the bushes that silk worms eat, Mulberry I think?

A group of bees had separated from a hived and formed a swam in one of the trees. They where going to encourage the bees in to new hive.

The dogs' name is Curva (Curve as in corner), he was found by the side of the road.

We rode back to base in the dark with the aid of Tom Tom. We had been joined today by Iris from Lyon, France (WWOOF) so nine of us sat down for dinner and conversation.


  1. Wow who would havve thought. You found a woofer! And you understand what woofing is! I'm so proud of you papa!

  2. Adam, you have an invite to go to WWOOF in Sicily.