Friday, 10 June 2011

Day 20 /21 - Home

I've missed a blog out somehow but, to avoid confusion this is my final day after 21 days on the road. The ride back to the tunnel and home was with cloudy skies and rain showers. Still I was happy in my helmet reminising about warm weather, beautiful scenery and seeing my family. Rode over the 'Pont du Normany', which for those of you that have ridden it in the wind, can be a bit hairy (eh Gary?). Got to the tunnel and saw a few other bikers. They didn't have sun tans and weren't smiling. I don't think they went far enough South. Anyway, here is Mileetas before mileage: And after mileage: We covered FIVE THOUSAND SEVEN HUNDRED & FIFTEEN miles (5715 miles) !! Mileeta is a real star and I love her more than ever. A big thank you to those that joined me for parts of the adventure. Thanks to all the blog followers who where with me all the way. Thanks to the people I met on route. Biggest thank you to my wife, Trish for giving me the freedom to ride, love you. Until next time, it's been a pleasure. Jon


  1. Well done mate ! And yes i do hate that bloody bridge .
    cheers gary

  2. Glad to have shared with you a few of the thousands miles!
    Well done and see you soon!

  3. Paid my 2 Euros and read the book from beginning to end in one go! Best value read for a long time. Well done. Enjoyed sharing one day on your adventure. J & R

  4. Hi, did I meet you and others on the way back from France on the eurostar? I was coming from Istanbul and you guys were coming from the demo in Brussels. If so I have a few photos and a big hello!