Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Day 18 - Genoa to St Aignan

On my own again. Spent last night and today cruising the Mediterranean to get to Genoa for 18:00hrs. Thanks to getting a cabin, I've had a good sleep so I'm going to be riding through the night on the excellent French roads. Plan is to do a bit of detour (c. 550miles), avoid the Alps, this time, leave Italy and skirt round past San Remo, Monaco and Nice.

Then head North for breakfast with Rosemary my Mother-in-law and John my Father-in-law. They are holidaying in Argentat in the Dordogne, France. The mission: I thought it would be a nice surprise to meet up with them on Wednesday and have a G&T with fresh picked Sicilian lemons, in the beautiful Dordogne.

The weather on arrival at Genoa was cloudy and threaten rain. Changed in to my Gortex trousers on the car deck, much to the amusement of the car passengers. My draggin cargo jeans are looking distressed dispite a wash. The dead insects are gone but, the sun has bleach patches on the thighs. They did the job and kept me cool in the hot weather and also worked as casual wear.

It rained from Monaco all the way. I crossed the Millau viaduct at 04:00hrs with only the darkness, wind and rain for company.

I then had to take 'D' roads cross country via Rodez. The rain was joined by a mist. The road was indestinguishable so the only way I could make any progress was to follow a lorry.

I found John & Rosemary at their campsite right beside the Dordogne river.

Had a cup of tea and toast then we headed off to meet again at another campsite further North at Les Cochards to find some better weather. Another 250 miles = 800 miles in a night and day. Mileeta has now exceeded 5,000 miles so far this trip.

Mission accomplished: G&T in France with Sicilian lemon slice, oh and a sneeky bottle of Lemonchello to finish a home cooked meal.

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