Tuesday, 17 May 2011

3 days to go!

Panniers are packed. None of the panniers are expanded, yet I seem to have lots of space left over. The right pannier is nearly full with my clothes but, the top box and left pannier are half empty. Oh well, more space for contraband. Bit worried though, I've been watching "Banged up abroad" on channel 5 (next one is this Thursday at 23:00hrs). It's a drama-documentary series telling the gripping real-life stories of travellers who find themselves incarcerated overseas. Then who can forget the gripping film "Midnight Express".

Gathering from the Facebook and text messages today, my fellow riders (and I) are getting excited about going. Let the adventure begin.


  1. Wot'o Jonno! Can't wait to join you on your first night...and second.

  2. Should be a laugh. I hear your writting up our trip in South East Biker (SEB) magazine http://www.southeastbiker.co.uk/
    I've added a link at the bottom of blog. Well I'll try and get as far Southeast as I can!

  3. Have a good trip John. Will follow your blog provided we can get a wifi connection in France! J & R