Friday, 27 May 2011

Day 7 - Brindisi

I pitched the tent so it was in the shade for the morning sun, but found in the morning, when packing away a family of arthropods (millipedes) had made home under the ground sheet. Cold open air shower this morning, I think they call it invigorating, I call it: good job the sun is shining and I've got my big blue towel.

I had a chill-out day today. Only 90 (+48 I'll explain) miles to the ferry terminal at Brindisi. So took a packed lunch and went to find a special beach away from the crowds that only motorbikes can find.

Mileeta decided on our choice. We got stuck in the sand! I got off her and she just stood there with no stand, as if to say "it's too hot, this is our beach". Who was I to argue. The sea was crystal clear and as flat as a mill pond this morning. Got out of my bike gear before digging and hauling her out. Not easy fully loaded. How those Paris-Dakar boys do it I don't know. Got her on to the rocks then went for a swim to cool off. Bugger, I'd left my blue towel at Campo Freddio, 24 miles away! Spent time sunbathing, swimming and had my lunch at my own private beach. Contemplated leaving my towel but, decided to ride the 48 mile excursion to save it.

Got a text from Sergio to say he was on route to join me at ferry terminal but only got as far as Palermo (Sicily) when his rear brake overheated and melted the final drive oil seal, producing copious amounts of smoke.

I got to the ferry port at 13:15 and went to the Blue Star ticket office (Biglietteria) to enquire about availability and details. It turns out that today, there is only one ferry and it leaves at 14:00hrs! Not 18:30 as we had thought. Next ferry is tomorrow at either 11:00 or 18:30 hrs. I tried calling Sergio but got no reply so sent him a text to say that I was going today and would wait for news or him in Greece, Igoumenitsa. I bought the excellent value 27 Euro ticket.

Sorry guys no photos of the ship due to a mad rush through the bueractratic red tape of having separate tickets for bike and me and being checked three times. I was the last to board, or just in time, before setting sail for 8hrs to Greece on the Ionian Queen. Hope I don't have to use these, bye bye Italy.

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  1. Did you go nudey bum on the beach?? Sounds as tho its all going to plan (sort of). Hope you're having a good time x