Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Day 4 - Venice

Left the lads to do the Gottenburgh Pass in Austria. Rode for just over 200 miles (3hrs) and have seen off my first 1000 miles. Arrived in Venice at 11:30 am but, made the mistake of riding over the "Ponte delia Liberta" causeway, only to find parking a large bike in amongst the scooters a nightmare. Half a dozen police ladies were waving their batons and blowing on whistles at the stationary traffic jam, like that would help. Me (not the Police, large bottoms) very hot and really needed to cool off and get in my civvies so, headed back to the mainland then skirted around the coast until I found a very nice (expensive big RV land) campsite at Fusina. I think this may be the campsite my brother Haydn stayed at when he work out here yacht fairing. Hayd, Club Conti ring any bells? For some reason they have got two double- decker London buses parked by the entrance. I know it's a 'summer holiday' but a bit sireal. Perhaps 'Cliff' left them here. Made use of the excellent facilities to get a bit of personal administration done (army term for: sorting out washing & kit).

My pitch looks out over the lagoon to Venice, which looks literally like a floating city. I was startled while hanging out my washing and a huge ship glided past my tent not 20 metres away, with the crew looking down from the bridge way above me. Buses and ships, getting really sireal now.

Camp set-up, got a passenger boat to Vienna. We followed a huge cruise liner in and past the biggest luxury super yacht I've ever seen. It would put the boats in Puerto Banus to shame. Navy blue & white livery and called "Carinthian V5", I think. Will have to google to see who owns.

I explored the maze of streets and canals of the San Marco & San Polo districts. Crossed the Grand Canal twice: over "Ponte dell Accademia" this was impressive but, nothing compared to the bridge with shops on it, the "Ponte di Rialto", amazing. Appears to be made entirely from white marble. I think this was either used or the inspiration for the film "Perfume: The Story of a Murderer."

I should have brought my satnav, very easy to get lost in the lanes. I must walked a few miles. Still, it gets the legs and buttocks exercised after the riding. Decided not to buy any Murano glass or masks. Had a lovely half bottle of chilled Soave white wine, while watching the boats and people, before getting my boat back to camp.

Writing my blog in the bar, going to order my pizza shortly. Having trouble communicating with the Aussie bar man, he insist on giving me happy hour rates. Thanks for the comments guys. The page views are emulating my mileage. Pizza and Greece salad arrived, while waiting for movie to upload! May not upload have only bought 2hrs of WiFi. (It didn't, so this blog is a day late) We didn't make page 3, moobs not big enough, but check out Deans report in South East BikerMagazine on page 26 & 27 and/or check out his video.


  1. All sounds very interesting, suss some places out for a long weekend xx

  2. Look at the colour of you Bro, will we recognize you on yr return?, That Super Yacht looks like the Boat Haydn and I worked on in Ancona, that was 84m long. Have a wine for me, all looks very nice, Bro Davo XX

  3. Anon, Venice was beautiful, a weekend would be enough, not cheep though. The half bottle of wine I had cost 10 Euro in a cafe. I saw the same bottle in a petrol station 3 Euro. Unless you fancy camping? ;-)

    Dave, Good tip if it was the same campsite you and Haydn stayed at, ask Hayd?