Monday, 23 May 2011

Day 3 - Malta

Yoghurt and muesli for breakfast. We left Innsbruck past the olympic ski jump, respect to Eddie the eagle, must be mad or on the Jaegar. We took the E66 then the B99/E100. The road climbed then followed the side of the valley with lots of great bends. We headed south and crossed the border in to Italy with the sun shining and the temperature rising to 26C. Lunch in a village called Toblach Dobbiaco with the snow capped Dolomite mountains for a backdrop. Back in to Austria. Arrived in good time at Malta and met with a cold beer by our hosts John & Roslyn at the Gasthof Hochalmspitze (try saying that after a few beers (we did)). Survived two near miss's today. Following a lorry with boxes of lift components (won't say which but, they are one of my work suppliers and not the obvious one) and a piece of plastic wrapping flew off, which I had to duck. Later-on a ginger cat ran out in front of me. I missed it, not enough time to determine if 'it' was a him or a her. Garfield has one less life, I have 0.2mm less brake pads!

Last day with John, Gary & Marcus, off on own tomorrow. Thanks lads you've been great company (ps - Alli, Chris & Karen, they send their love) I know, I've slept with them !


  1. Haha, I bet they didn't sleep much!!

  2. Hi Jon
    Glad to see you are all having a good ride, shame me and Deano had to leave so soon as i would have liked to ride through Austria !!
    Sorry i was so tired the first night but riding all day after no sleep the night before was a bit tiring and a bit mad, but on a good note i didn't get woken up by a compressor in the middle of the night or john snoring and F##ting.
    Have a great trip and look forward to maybe joining you on another one ?


  3. To Gary !!
    Sorry i think i kept calling you JOHN !


  4. Hi chaps, So weird seeing photos of you on my laptop in the comfort of my own sofa and only saying 'have a safe trip' to you yesterday morning. Rick and I are so jealous. A four-day September run has already been approved by my other half! Don't let me down! You'll be pleased to know that the video of the weekend is now up on YouTube:

    Chou for now!

  5. Glad to read that all goes well so far. We are off to France tomorrow to enjoy some of your sunshine. Take care. R & J

  6. Boys, looking very cool I must say, Marcus is looking like a proper biker now in his gear. Jon I hope Sergio's got his bike spares delivered so you can continue together. the weather's obviously getting better and better, looks perfect at the mo. Was a bit windy down Malta way today so you may head into it down through Italy but a nice warm wind so all good. Looking forward to next leg Bro. Ride safe Davo XXX

  7. You missed a great Indian at the Quilon with the gang Jon. Haven't read all your notes yet but will do and stay safe. Wish I could get you to do the advanced test and then some more. I'm now working towards the special assessment and would love to do what you're doing.

  8. Good to see you are making good progress. Got to be better than working!! Have to say I am jealous and you have spurred me on to plan another bike trip, albeit not as adventurous as yours. Good luck for the rest of the trip.

    Nige Davey

  9. Eddie / Nigel,

    What can I say, there is only the horizon and when you get there, another. Go for it. Don't plan too much. The only limitation is time.