Sunday, 22 May 2011

Day 2 - Innsbruck

My tent deflated while we were at the bar! Re-inflated and it stayed up until 05:00hrs. I think I found the problem; a bit of the tent fabric was trapped under the valve. I’ll have to see if its cured next time I use it, otherwise its go and buy a conventional tent. For team photo, checkout next months SEB magazine.

We had a farewell breakfast with Dean and Rick of coffee, crossants, orange juice and croquet monsuire in the local French town square. We had a scenic ride in the morning sun through Germany. The roads where perfect with some superb twistys that got the brace of GS’s and Tigers at knee scraping angles (I’ll try and up load a movie I took). See if you can spot the hedgehog in the road.

We had lunch in a Bavarian truckers cafĂ©, curry wurst and chips. We then continued East towards Bregens, Austria when the skys ahead turned to a threatening black and grey. We skirted along the periphery of the storm but eventually we got it. Mileeta behaved and seemed to enjoy being water cooled. My draggin jeans, however, did a good impression of a thursty sponge. We stopped before entering Austria to get our Vinettes (10 day road licence, heavy fine if caught without) We got a break from the rain and got properly kitted out in our waterproofs for the ride through the snow capped mountains and numerous tunnels to Innsbruke. Only 300 miles today but a milestone was achieved, Mileeta’s odometer trip over the 50,000 miles!

After a bit of a search, we found a modern hotel in Innsbruk (all though it is actually called ‘The Basic’ hotel) with a large room that sleeps four for 35 Euros each. Hot shower, a *late meal and a bed tonight.

*PS - even later for me, waiting for movie to upload :-(. Can't leave room because room key card keeps the power on and a time limit on WiFi use!


  1. I hope your fellow bedroom mates slept well!!

  2. Well done!
    See u soon I hope... My bike is still at the garage wating for parts...
    But they are positive!
    Keep in touch

  3. Why did the hedgehog cross the road?

    Brilliant but so wish I was there...

  4. That last comment was from me... Deano!

  5. Hi Bro, you boys, given up the camping after one night to have a snore fest in the warm and dry! Did anyone get any sleep sharing the room with the king of snorers? :-) Glad yr getting chance to wear the draggin jeans, far more comfy. roads look fantastic. Had your Tom Tom got camping shops in for a tent that doesn't deflate after a beer? XXX

  6. Great comments guys, can't respond to each but keep em coming.......