Saturday, 7 May 2011


Less than two weeks before I go! DVLA have just reminded me this morning that I've got to renew tax and get MOT on Mileeta.

The first leg of the trip will be three days riding through France, Germany to Austria with three of my Mid Life Rebel mates. I'm meeting up with them on Monday evening for pre-tour drinks and, if we get time, discuss arrangements. When I say discuss arrangements, it will be more like mutual prompts along the lines of "have you got..." or "are you taking...". Going to Austria is not very direct for my route but I'm sure the scenery will more than make-up for the extra miles of double back.

I'm also hoping this week to catch-up with my mate from Sicily who has unexpectedly returned to London on a work assignment. Hopefully his work here will be complete in time to meet up in Bari (the heel of Italy).

I've been suffering from the lurgy this week but I think I'm over the worst, still it makes you think about how all the best laid plans can be scuppered by ill health. First aid kit has been bolstered with a few more tablets, just in case. Fatigue is also a factor to consider but, should have enough time to sight see and chill on route. Night riding is a possibility. I've done this before and found that it is beneficial in a number of ways: cooler; no traffic; and you get the day to chill in the sun. It does require regular stops, redbull and coffee, and I wouldn't recommend it on technically challenging roads or if your not feeling 100%. I also got some stimulant for Mileeta too, just in case she needs a boost at altitude or has to drink cheap fuel or we happen across a nice straight, empty 1/4 mile ;-).

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