Thursday, 26 May 2011

Day 6 - Bari

After a good nights sleep in the olive grove, I woke this morning to piece and quiet. The only noise was a single bird song. Not the type I'm used to back home i.e. the french president chanting wood pigeon "Sarcosi, Sarcosi". No this was different, unless the pigeon was taking the piss and calling me mad to be doing this trip, it was a Cuckoo!

I left at 07:00hrs and got 100 miles in the bag before fuel and breakfast stop. I totalled 365 miles today. I managed to get some twisties in too while crossing to reach the East coast. Some say I'm inspirational; well there is plently of parking in the shade. Other say I'm mad; well the truck says it all.

I came across a pack of cute white fluffy sheep being herded away down the road in front of me. When out of the blue, six of them at the back turned and ran straight at me with there teeth gnashing and barking. I was saved from being ravaged by the shepherd, who whistled and they stopped, turned and sauntered back to blend in with the rest of the flock. Who's ever heard of white fluffy sheep guard dogs!

Tried the Tom Tom campsite search and tried a couple on route to Bari. They were both not up to much so carried on and tried again coming in to Bari. Being a fan of the original film the "Italian Job", I couldn't resist the one I choose, the irony of it made me laugh. So I turned up and the first thing I did was get my trunks on and swim in the warm (not Dubai hot) waters of the Adriatic. Tea tonight and pack lunch for tomorrow cost 8 Euros with a decent bottle of local vino. I'm at "Campo Freddio" LOL

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  1. haha Sarcosi Sarcosi!!! That damn bird!!! Looks like your having a fab time! Excellent pictures. you should write a book. Please say Hi to Greece for me, i shall see it in 3 weeks! Lots of love, Elz! xxx